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Fantastic Painted Concrete Floors and Finishes Houselogic

Are you looking for concrete floor ideas? This slideshow has unique ideas for stained, scored, engraved, and painted concrete floors. Plus, get tips on how to achieve the looks in your own home, and more importantly, how to maintain them.

Concrete Finish™ | SILPRO

CONCRETE FINISH™ is a trowelapplied, Portland cementbased coating specifically designed to protect and decorate concrete and masonry surfaces. It gives an attractive, durable, waterresistant finish to or block walls.

Concrete Flooring Finishing | Styles, Colors, and Options ...

Finishing options for concrete floors such as scoring and sawcutting decorative effects, finishes that resemble materials such as tile, stone, slate or , and much more.

Finishing Concrete | Sakrete

Don't stop reading yet or you will miss one very important point. You need to "cure" the concrete. If the concrete isn't kept moist for a few days it may crack. The problem is that the surface will dry out while the bottom is still wet causing tension, which basically tears the concrete apart. There are several ways to cure concrete.

Precast Concrete Finishes | Architectural Precast Concrete

Architectural Precast Finishes Architectural Finishes and Colors Precast concrete products are known for their strength, durability, cost savings etc. SlenderWall has all of those benefits wrapped up in a product that also enhances the aesthetics of your project.

The 4 Best Choices for Garage Floor Finishes

Concrete floor paints can be either latex or oilbased products, and they are formulated with a satin, nonslip finish designed to be especially durable under hard traffic and to resist damage from solvents, salts, and other caustic materials.

Class A Finish and Class B Finish

Repairs of the socalled "plastertype" will not be permitted in any. ... of ACI 117. These tolerances apply to the finished concrete surface, not. to the forms themselves; forms shall be set true to line and grade. ... Class A Finish and Class B Finish. Class A finish is required [where indicated on the drawings.] [in the.

DIY Bathroom Remodeling Phase 4 (Cement Board Installation)

Cement board installation can be daunting. Especially if you've never done it! Our previous tutorial shared how to choose the right bathroom backer boards in order to avoid a moldy bathroom.. Cement board is a huge part of a bathroom renovation because it doesn't contain any .

Finishes for Concrete Slabs| Concrete Construction Magazine

To help homebuilders, concrete contractors, and cement finishers see how attractive these finishes can be and exactly how they are produced, the Portland Cement Association recently built a series of demonstration slabs and made a movie of the process. The finishes selected were exposed aggregate ...

Concrete finishes University of Melbourne

Finish Types Type A Scratched Finish After the concrete has been placed, struck off, consolidated and levelled to a Class 3 tolerance, the surface shall be roughened with stiff brushes or rakes before final set. Type B Floated Finish After the concrete has been placed, struck off, consolidated and levelled, the concrete shall not be worked

Color Coat Stucco | Stucco Finishes

Type: Portland Cement Based Pigmented Cementitious Finish For Exterior Surfaces: Application Method: Trowel or spray applied: Product Overview: Merlex Exterior Stucco is a premium quality portland cement based color coat finish material specifically intended for use as a decorative finish over properly prepared portland cement based substrates.


to the concrete finish. Use one brand and type of form release agents for all surfaces unless another product produces a similar concrete surface appearance. Do not use barriertype (wax, fuel oil, carrier oil, etc.) release agents. Use form release agents containing a rust inhibitor on steel forms. Clean rust off steel forms before use.

How To Address Four Types Of Concrete Damage

The type of damage you see on your concrete is often a clue as to how it occurred in the first place. Proper diagnosing of the problem can help you determine how best to fix it, and how soon you need to address it. First, let's look at four common types of damage. Cracks: Cracks are inevitable ...

Mason Mix | QUIKRETE: Cement and Concrete Products

QUIKRETE® Mason Mix (No. 1136) is a high strength Commercial Grade dry preblended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. Meets N, S, M requirements as specified in ASTM C270. Just add water. Add color with QUIKRETE® Stucco Mortar Color (No. 1317).

Type of finishes in concrete | Civil site visit

In this article i am going to tell you type of finishes in concrete work are :Classes of Finish. Formed Surfaces; Unformed Surfaces; Formed Surfaces Class This finish is for surfaces against which back fill or further concrete will be placed. Form work shall be of sawn boards, sheet metal or any other suitable material which will prevent loss of grout when the concrete is vibrated.

Decorative Concrete Finishes: a Picture Glossary | Networx

Float finished textured by roughly finishing the wet concrete surface with a hand float or bull float. Integral color color is blended into concrete before the mix is placed. Marbleized given a marble effect, via both coloring and finishing.